god of shame! 011217
nah....! oh silly jonny god, spiders_talk_a_lot_you_know! 011218
tonya ouch! no wonder my face is all fucked up right now 011218
god giant_spiders_of_shame 011218
god JPJBRUCE69: going good
Thumblister: day fir play yak,yak moo!
Thumblister: don't you bring me flowers no more!!!!!!
JPJBRUCE69: practicing this evening
Thumblister: Ive been gettin' into lionel richie man i never knew that cat could sing. say you say me
JPJBRUCE69: your fuke up
Thumblister: i been hittin the salt block head my swimming blood sugar pressure
JPJBRUCE69: sounds fun are you home
Thumblister: planting it in the water
JPJBRUCE69: oh ok
Thumblister: dont mention the ass licking the to jenny again ok
JPJBRUCE69: what are you talking about??
Thumblister: oh never mind maybe that wasnt you
JPJBRUCE69: i dont think it was
Thumblister: the trailer i thought but it was water under the bridge
JPJBRUCE69: you have totally lost me
Thumblister: fuck you give a brother a damn chance to love baby you fuck
JPJBRUCE69: i dont undrestand
Thumblister: fuck you man i cant take your fucking denial. i just want you to know how it feels
Thumblister: you wanna jam?
Thumblister: that was bill stambaugh
Thumblister: he was sayin' "hi"
JPJBRUCE69: yeah
Thumblister: velvet spasm needs you and your drop d dementia
Thumblister: bill is unusual
the ballad of squillo stardust from mars? 011218
ClairE They're impossible. They couldn't support their weight. They'd collapse.

::eyes peer out from under sheets in the dark::
ziggy squillo they could be on mars though

less gravity
ClairE I'm not on Mars!

Am I?
squillo perhaps not, but maybe i am. 011219
god wouldn't i like to be a pepper too? what? 041003
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