good people my -ugh- current girlfriend.
she is really super nice, and i know i probably sound super shallow, she isnt quite attractive.. and she is a bible thumper... she always buys me stuff. its awkward, because every time i see her, i either feel like "ahh, fuck it. we can get over it," or "shit, i need to figure out a way to break up with her that wont result in her hating me"

fuck this, why did i consent in the first place?!?
distorted tendencies Because you let people walk all over you, sweetheart. Just break up with the ugly elephant girl and she'll get over it. What's she going to do? Start another Columbine? 020403
good people actually, i'm kinda having a good time with her. she is not so jesus-ey, and she is gonna pierce her clit. i approve of that idea... i'll just stick with it for a while. 020412
distorted tendencies that's good that you're having a good time with her. then i'm happy for you. why didn't you sy so earlier? retard. 020415
good people lol. you can continue to make fun of either me or her, i dont care. you do that anyways. thats tamara... :P 020417
distorted tendencies no i'm not going to make fun of you if you like something you know me. ;) i still hold respect for you. 020419
good people look, im sorry your fucking feelings get hurt when i smoke pot. but dont such a fucking bitch about it. you told me not to be high around you, and i wasnt high. i wasnt even buzzed. i just smelled like pot and had redeye. so fucking what. fuck off. 020530
lotuseater im sorry for everything
i will miss you... more than you know, im sure. i will love you forever, my soft-skinned angel
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