elimeny I feel like such a everybody knows this big secret that I am not allowed to if everyone were born with this little section of their brain called "common sense" and i just got the short end of the stick.I want to be my own be defined by my own exhibitions and details and memories and experiences. Oh God, Timothy, how can I make you understand? When one of the things that attracts me to you most is your independence, and now I know it is impossible for you to understand what it is like to be... an idiot. Like me. But at the same time that you are so independent, you are completely dependent upon me. And God knows I love you, but how can i trust a child with a man's heart? especially when I'm that child?

please bear with me. im only half a poem written.
unhinged 'over the decades, the internet revolutionized reading patterns...sixty-two percent of americans get their news through social media, and most of it via facebook; a third of all traffic to media sites flows from google. this has placed media in a state of abject financial dependence on tech companies. to survive, media companies lost track of their values. even journalists of the highest integrity have internalized a new mind-set; they worry about how to successfully pander to google's and facebook's algorithms. in pursuit of clicks, some of our nation's most important purveyors of news have embraced sensationalism; they have published dubious stores; they have heaped attention on propagandists and conspiracists, one of whom was elected president of the united states. facebook and google have created a world where the old boundaries between fact and falsehood have eroded, where misinformation spreads virally.' - franklin foer 171218
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