ClairE The reassurance is that it always tugs a smile out of you months, a year, far off later.

When you talk with a swagger I must turn my heart inside out and spit out the loose change, my eyes gone wide with worry.

When your voice starts to waver, that's when I tie on my apron and lay a comforting hand against your cheek.

I'm never in phase. If I match my surroundings I lose my body. Out of sync, bounced up and down, that's how I survive, and thrive.
benny profane when you stayed with me, it was in my heart.
now it is in my hands.
i can't get rid of the feeling
that i'm going to drop something.
it terrifies me.
*sigh* I don't believe existence inherently entails conflict. However, I do believe that existence in THIS world, unfortunately, does.

Currently I am existing in this world.
once again There is you and you adore me, you want me and need me and you always let me know, but just for a little and is it really love?

There is you and you love me, you want me, you like me and you never tell a soul, it could be forever and is this what i want?

What do you do? How do you choose?
Isaou Love is overpowering

Chose the second...
Cant spell :( Choose* 071009
ungreat I showed you something that was mine,
and then you turned around and did me one better,
and told me.
How am I supposed to feel?

....Because it's not a hurt its like a dull ache...

...You had to tell me just how much it was worth...

...Maybe that's why it's just an ache...

...Because I've been put down before....
what's it to you?
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