unhinged fuck_buddies

the fact that you were going through a break_up when we got together had absolutely no bearing on our relationship....right. sure.

if i was your friend how come i never met or hung out with you and your other friends?
unhinged and really, i think that's what chased me away in the end.

i wrote you this:


but you wanted to 'make every effort to keep those things apart' i.e. me and the rest of your life
unhinged from 'shakti leadership...' by nilima bhat and raj sisodia

an exercise to actually examine feelings and events instead of compartmentalizing them:

'think back to an ordeal you successfully overcame and its core stages. ask yourself:

- what was the crisis? how were you shaken out of your comfort zone?

-did you heed the call or refuse/resist it? why?

- how were you tested? who were your allies and enemies?

- what was your greatest fear? how did you overcome it?

- what new capacities did you gain? how did you mature from the experience?

- how have you shown up differently as a person since then? as a leader?

- what are you offering the world, and how has it changed for the better?' -nb and rs
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