dr.s. why would you even
to see
where the
river grows
unhinged the more i kept thinking about it the more thoughts just kept tumbling out of my head. i couldn't sleep, stayed up reading buddhist philosophy, showering, reading more buddhist philosophy, blow drying my hair. i was supposed to get up two hours ago so that i could practice my violin today. if i would have found sleep before 5am, i would be right now. i just hate it when my brains spill out of my head.... 011016
Sonya the sullen feline And the clouds covered the sky all the way to the ground as we walked hand in hand down the dirt path. You smiled as the trees made themselves known to us as we inched our way deeper into the shivering forest. It was under the giant redwood where you leaned me up against the trunk and we kissed ever so tenderly. The raindrops started to cascade around us, but we didn't care. We laughed and twirled together in the rain, exchanging kisses every now and again. We stared at each other and noticed the droplets glistening in our hair and watched as mother nature fed her children. A rainbow embraced the sky and I excitedly pulled you along trying to get us to stand directly under its arch. You simply smiled and trudged along, humoring me. If only this wasn't a dream... 011016
jordie Why wouldnt you notice?

Like liquid stars shifting in blackness.

Like a swathe of hope in a sky of pall.

Silver curtains.
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