trakie eye carrot rose 991112
nameless I hate carrots 000417
fairydust ah, carrot! nibble on a carrot and paint your face greasy blue.
gave me a surprise and i didn't have a clue.
Philifledermaus never forget George, the psychic carrot.... 000514
ClairE Bugs Bunny likes them.

Who is named BUGS for God's sake?!

I NEVER thought about that before! WOW!

Is he some mafioso rabbit?

Anyway, they are good for your eyesight. I like soft cooked baby carrots with cinnamon and butter. Yum.
TalviFatin tastes like an autumn dusk.
drippy nose, smiling...coming in, taking mittens off at the age of grandmother giving me a carrot...the wonderful "snap" of the top coming off...and the crunch munch as I eat it...secretly pretending i'm Bugs Bunny
whome Once I went to Epcot and they had genetically engineered carrots that were purple towards their middle, with orange outside edges. They told us that was back when in prehistory, ALL CARROTS WERE PURPLE. 031104
whome I meant, WAY back when. Oops. 031104
girl_jane I remember when Jace used to call me carrot...I still have that giant stuffed carrot he stole and gave to me...haha. Daisy. 031104
Mandijabster "hey sis! why is this carrot tied to the vibrating chair?"

yea...stupid joke book polluting my mind!
Purni In a wonderfully, creamy broth.
So delicious as it slips silently down your throat.
A delicate tale.
fghio fghio 101114
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