*molly is one of the most intriguing concepts i've encountered - that thrill of the beautiful person leaning against the wall - and not knowing if they're a him or a her, holding only the knowledge they're a person and the lingering realization that you want them to be coming home with you, regardless -

and your eyes gorge themselves on that beauty, ready to burst at their seams, that is - until - they turn to you and smile.

you grab your jacket and your mocha and head straight to the door, flattered and flustered once more. finally your car keys reach the ignition, allowing you to lean back into the seat and heave a sigh of relief.

the realization overwhelms you that although intimidations from the opposite sex or the same sex are sharp and cutting, that imposing magnetism of the genderless creature still sitting calmly inside may as well be a katana.
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niki it's Pat! 020115
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brautigan sometimes i get called ma'am. only sometimes.

once upon a time, it was sometimes i get called sir. only sometimes.

popular question: what's between your legs, then? is it real?

my answer: yes, and yes.
dandy what's between the legs that's beautiful? motion. attention. devotion. enrapture wrapping rod or muscle grip over groove or something smoothed in between. beauty is expansive far more than blood flow to genetia. soul attraction. 041231
oneiros for a while most of my relationships began with the question of my gender

no fun

now i think i enjoy it, but i've had to change my environment to get to that point

the attraction of androgyny may well be along the same lines as the attraction of darkness or maybe the attraction of multiraciality or even the attraction of diversity itself

that we must convince ourselves to like each other... are we still that defensive and paranoid? a-dur

but i digress :)
dandy yes, it seems like darkness, on the edge where something in our reptilian brain says there is too muhc signal loss here. not safe. but the higher brain says its safe, proceed until we get signal enough from other senses to orient ourself is a thought... 050102
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