unhinged work is hard; i've made many little girls cry telling them i'm leaving. i'm not sure what i expected but it wasn't that. i suppose i underestimated my impact. it is bittersweet to know that i'm that loved and appreciated. i feel like an asshole for not realizing it before. my non_boss is demanded that i train my replacement even though i am an independent contractor and my inability to stick up for myself yet again is brought into sharp focus. only compounded by the fact that she cornered my on the floor of the store, didn't even ask for me to step into her office to discuss it.

i find someone worth sharing my life with right before i am going to leave. i am older now; the value of that is not lost on me this time. how rare that was since the last occurrence eight_years_ago and yet again the universe laughs at me.

i took this morning too personally and but yet

it brings out my cut_and_run impulse: might as well just stop talking with him now

that little voice in my head 'you are such a selfish fuck_up' is loud today and the tears don't stop
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unhinged (it was helpful to hear my father of all people tell me yesterday that i am the most selfless person he knows; that nag ego of mine can shut_the_fuck_up ) 110712
unhinged pack_it_up

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