Shugarhi Johnny's love...

yet she doesn't love him...

at least, not like that...
silentbob Alison sounds like a lot of people i know. Johnny sounds like me. 010524
Effingham Fish "Can we get some help in aisle 10?"

Maybe it was just that I was so damn tired, but that was the most beautiful song I'd heard in a long, long while.
kerry a great song by the Pixies on "Bossanova," you should check it out. 020101
e.c. and the attractions "...i know this world is killing you..." 020101
ClairE My aim is true. 020101
j ly i hate you.

i love him. he loves you. i sleep in his bed at college. he lives with you back at home. i don't exist. youre part of his family.

but hes not with you right now. thats what he says. i wish i could believe him. i wish i could get the courage to walk away.

i love him.

i hate you.

i hate him.
yummychuckle wow...
um i hate you.
i love him
i hate him
he sleeps with me, but hes dating you.
and you are so perfect.

makes me sick.
jealous beyond belief yummychuckle, how does that make you sick 020408
yummychuckle it makes me sick that i would sleep with such a wonderful girl's boyfriend,and that he would cheat on her. its sick that these nice wonderful people are being senselessly hurt and I can feel such ambivalence towards the guy, so that i can't even back up my actions with something like "but I fell in love with him".
its sick.

i hope you weren't being sarcastic or pissy at me. its hard to tell online.
jealous beyond belief wasnt being sarcastic at all. just curious, thats all. thanks! 020409
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