phil Today is
Today is
Today is
The greatest day
wish~ today is an irritating day. i am neglected. was neglected. i hate this day. 021123
JFK 18?-63 dallas, 1963

shots from a window

mysteries and conspiracies and secrets
phil Dallas 22, 1963
there were brains on the seats
tell me where were we?
we were sittin' home watchin' our tv
while they were opening presi-dency
first shot knocked the passenger door
sped through the driver
and stuck in the floor
with yells breaking out
had to refire
they turned that car into a funeral pyre
next chance they got, they hit his top
it only took one shot to make that melon pop
finally they put equipment away
who do you think wrote the books that you're reading today
When the world ended, or so it seems
The nation needed some way to mend things
So we all smoked grass until we were stoned
Since that day emotion's have been uncontrollable
'cause those bullets they flew from here to here to here
hitting everyone until they all got clear
people in the crowd raced to tell the papers
I saw it when it came out it
they were trying to be racist
said it was about the union
said it was about the big man
being against the black man
but if you look away from the street
it wasn't about Harry O.d.
it was about commie accusations
and bullet conspiracy
it was about climbing up
and lining up shots
and screaming "187" on the mother fuckin' prop!
it's not on film
in the autopsy

vice presidency,
smoke from all around?
(Homicide, and never doing no time)
Quiet on the streets of Miami
Whoa, quiet on the streets of Chicago
On the streets of Long Beach
In San Fransico
Quiet on the streets of Kansas City
Tuskaloosa, Alabama
Cleveland, Ohio
Fountainberry, Paramount, Vista Buelle
Eugene, Oregon
Eureeka, California...
what's it to you?
who go