yummychuckle I like the idea of props in a wrestling ring or whatever.
like grater s.
whoa, wait
this isnt wrestling i'm talking about, is it?
who knows. point is, i like the idea of some huge idiots in a ring together with chairs and graters and stuff and they want to hurt eachother really bad.
i like that.
heel turn instruments of bloodletting are no substitute for credible mat-work 010603
florescent light Wrestling is the Nuba people's (located in Africa) major cultural theme. If you are Nuba your life will be dedicated to this sport. 010606
heel turn kool

i wanted to try it but i ruined my back years ago and i'm probably too old to learn (especially to have any chance at competing anywhere near an olympic level)

so, as such, i watch the olympic and other competitive events and of course, soap opera fanatic that i was when i was younger, i watch the crazy "professional" stuff too

i'm a sucker for a good spectacle
werewolf Karelin, Wattanabe, Gable, Sanderson, Milo of Croton.... 020407
werewolf it's okay if you aren't as fast, and it's okay if you aren't as strong. As long as you aren't both.

intensity will get you somewhere. I have enough of it where my oppponent doesn't usually know i have no clue whatsoever as to what i'm doing till at least thirty seconds into the match after i have calmed down.
god i studied with leaping lanny poffo for almost two weeks 020501
heel turn freebird_whipping_post

(BTW... R.I.P Wahoo McDaniel and Lou Thesz)

werewolf good ol lou thesz, he was king of the hookers 020502
The Spork only man ever to work matches in 7 different decades

~[if i had a ringbell, i'd ring the ten-bell salute for the guy]~
the game Tables, ladders and chairs...oh my.
Bring back the HARDCORE TITLE!
what's it to you?
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