Effingham Fish Whoooooooo! 011210
god wooooooooo! (flicks bic) 011210
heel turn What is Ric Flair here? 011210
pjork space mountain, baby 011210
the spork whoooooo! 011211
ever dumbening whooooooooooooooooo

(man, i didn't think they were gonna play it.)
heel turn ~~Flair, unsuspecting doesn't see Terry Gordy or Michael Hayes coming through the crowd...they've been waiting to get their hands on him~~

~~ Ric delivers more vicious knife_edge_chops to Dusty's chest and the crowd greets each one with a... ~~

pheather one_word_to_sum_up_last_night 040502
killing miranda i am your whipping boy.. 041224
motormouthgal You have inspired my musical theme of the evening. forget the xmas carols.
i have a 5 cd changer. here's what's going in.
Allman brothers
stevie ray
zz top
steve miller band (not the perfect fit but i saw it and now have to hear it)

after that i'll change it up and let you know. or you do it again and give me another inspiration.
good work.
- - 100223
not god to be the man, you gotta beat the man... 111122
what's it to you?
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