birdmad for some inexplicable reason

i wanna wrap myself in saran wrap from my waist to the top of my head with only a breathing hole poked in the plastic and run around my office like a fucking maniac for a couple of minutes annoying the absolute bejesus out of my co-workers

i don't know why.
anomalous 050427
Ivory Haha. That's crazy.

My impulses are never that crazy. I get random urges to just scream really loudly a lot. I'm not stressed or angry or anything; I just feel a scream bubbling up inside of me. Sometimes I'll scream random words like "PANCAKES!" or something, but usually, I just scream until the moment has passed.

But that saran wrap thing was so much better. Haha.
parrot sketch birdmad NI! 050428
falling_alone i want to lie in the middle of the auditorium and fall asleep while classes are in session,
i want to lie down in the middle of the sidewalks and watch the people walk by,
i want to lie my head on your shoulder without knowing who you are.
jennifer I think birdmad should have a weird impulse to check his e-mail because his inbox is full and I can't send him sexy e-mails.

oh yeah... and I always get the impluse to use my windshield wiper fluid too much
Ivory Oh man!
Me, too, on the windshield wiper thing. Me. Freaking. Too. I use that stuff like crazy.

I also want to eat croutons with every meal imaginable. O_o
birdmad my old e-mail address is dead


poisonangel72 at hotmail dot com
Lemon_Soda Sometimes I giggle for no apparent reason. Not to original, but true. 050502
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