Death of a Rose frightened flirtatious. 040108
dude A guy was watching the show last night. He wore a t-shirt that said, You can never fail until you stop trying. I really hate that shit. 040312
notme agreenmint 040312
Death of a Rose hesitant longing 040330
the delinquent formerly known as R.A.I.N. it doesn't seem worth the hassle. 061107
unhinged i am appear indifferent
my heart is screaming for you

should i leap?
should i go completely and totally over the edge?
should i write all the love poems i am holding inside?

time hasn't taught me better
i still haven't learned better

(maybe you are the type
that catches people as they fall)
unhinged or the kind that runs away. while i wasnt surprised to hear the 'i think of you as a good friend' speech, it didnt hurt any less. 140626
what's it to you?
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