birdmad this i take with me

this will remind me
celestias_shadow i took you from the shelf
covered in a soft grey skin of dust
lonely and introverted you were
waiting for someone
to come and pick you up
i took a chance
over the bright and gaudy beads
and pencils
and chocolates
that lined the walls
and i took you
the moth
among a thousand glittering butterflies
and you
my souvenir
are the diamond in the rough
neesh someone asked me "is she your every waking thought?", and for a while i thought i was lying when i said yes, but then i started paying more attention to my totally random internal dialogue, which has a habit of making connections and cross-references, and i realised that practically every thought i had led me through a reminder of her, but because it was so incongruously relevant and natural a thought to have in my head, i didn't even notice. so while i may not have always been consciously thinking of her, it turned out i thought about her every other second, at least, in relation to whatever i was meant to be thinking about.

but now, because i started paying attention to my thoughts, whenever something reminds me of someone, it reminds me of being reminded of her, eg the sleek black cat on my calendar reminds me of hilda, nina's cat, but instead of being reminded of nina, the act of being reminded makes me think of her instead.

whenever she reads something clever she tells me it reminds her of me, but the other day she said of a short poem: "made me think of u... or me"
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