deb i go to bed now
for i wanted to talk to you
but you must be out
or at work still
and my energy is gone
so i must away
to bed.. to dreams..
to rise in the morn'
when i'll be off to work work work

i just hope
i see you
so i know
you didn't die
on your way home
last night

i'm such a pessimist tonight...

dreams... come rescue me...
(they're coming, i hear them)
until then... goodnight
Deomis I don't want to leave
Don't let them take me
I love my world
Don't want to leave
I can't bear the truth
Don't want to see
I can't find an escape
Don't want to give up

Feeling so re;uctant to face the world
love & hate She is reluctant to forgive me, reluctant to move on and return to what we had. She is reluctant to believe what her heart is telling her, reluctant to believe that she still loves me and wants to spend the rest of her life with me as i do her. Please, dont be reluctant, realise what we have, and how much we could have once we are together. The love can only grow. I love you my Katie. Remember that, whatever your decision is. 040723
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