kingsuperspecial there was this whole thing from chrity going on, and someone barged in and said ' you freak, get the fuck away from blath_er, you'll ruin it!" and they were WAY out of line.

Of course, someone called them on it, which is the cool thing about this place.

Chrity was there first, and that person came barging in, trying to stomp on her. WTF? obviously, if you don't like what she is saying, LEAVE and start your own blath someplace else. freaks.

My brother is a religo, all of a sudden. At frist it made me sort of uncomfortable, because they believe the who story, hook line and sinker. Then I realized it was making him happy, making him feel like he has a place int the world, and he is in charge of his life. I can't have a problem with that.

As long as the religos aren't trying to tell me I HAVE to change, or I'll be feckd, then I don't mind listening to them. I'm not so sure about this whole jesus thing, though.

chaos are you trying to spell religious? or are you just dull? 010717
The Truth He is blathing on someone else's misspelling of the word religious. (nancy, 4.19.01, I_have_words)
I wouldn't call it "dull", though. I think "brilliance" is in order. When I saw it, I wondered if it were intentional, but then I realized it was a misspelling. It's funny that now it is a blathe, (thanks ksprspec.) and could one day be a common word.
chaos alruight thanks for straightening it out. i thought some people just never learned to spell... 010717
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