Polt Cool guy. American. Handsome. A lady's man. Kind. Smart. Strong. Better than you. Athletic. Good with a gun. Egotistical. Hard worker. Expects others to work just as hard. Accepts the fact that he was born white. Chooses his music accordingly. Speaks English. Expects others who would consider themselves "American Citizens" to do the same. Believes that if you want something from his business, you will ask for it in English, and if you ask for it in Spanish, he is not obligated to know what the fuck you just asked for. Doesn't care if your ancestors were slaves because his didn't own any. Will not change because of what YOU say. Will not do things because YOU tell him to. He is his own person.

Almost forgot that he is talking about himself in the 3rd person.

One more: Talks too much.
DannyH Sounds like Dafremen's wet dream. 010729
Dave this is a spear
launched blind
a twist in the polt

it pierces Dan's neurons
in my mind
convulsing signals
that connect with
this blathe'r

course u can
stay over Friday
i imagine
he says
cuppykony hey i know the male female female familiarity of various levels and types

it could be anyone

sorta jolt a bolt for a dolt to see such revolt

bright frizzle drizzle sizzle
what's it to you?
who go