charles where is your little animal these days? oh please don't let it be there. 991005
amy soothe
my patient parts
that should be crying
but they aren't.
so they won't.

no, nevermind,
that might hurt.
Dis "I want to lie here and pet you," he says to me, "I just want to spend the whole night petting you and stroking you. You can sleep if you want, I never do."

At first I think he's having me on, and then I see he means it if he'd wanted to cop a feel he'd have said that, too. No, the look of honest bemusement on his giddy, boyish face tells me he means just what he says. Well, if touching my skin is your delight, then here I am, baby. Nuzzle your face to my neck and breathe me in, trace me with your fingertips and memorize each curve, each swell.

How unreal it is, to hear one honest sentiment in a world of emotional flotsam, and what I wouldn't do to give you what you deserve. But not tonight. Not here, not now. Soon.
slizylvia i keep dreaming my fish are falling out of cracks in the tank.
i try so hard to save them.
i can't seem to pick them up.
so slippery.

all of this is becoming a bit too stressful.

is it time to feed them yet?
why not * Prediction * 040816
. massive_storm_and_MAJOR_Earthquake_rock_America 040816
olivia a pet is an animal, i have nothing to say. 050504
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