deb "who am i to receive this?"
how i adore you~
you insist on looking at yourself
and seeing only the worst things
you've ever done, and you wonder why
everything has fallen into place-
but i look at you
and see the best you can be-
the best you are right now-
i see strength
behind that wall of sadness-
i see great things coming from you
when you shake your head
and are modest-
always underestimating yourself,
always thinking you're not worthy-

in truth, you couldn't be
more worthy of everything you have;
of everything i know you'll
become so easily~
and i can't wait to be there to see that-
don't think so little of yourself, love-
you're worth so much more
than you can imagine

and you're all mine!! :)
how lucky am i?
becca how i wish to see your
rambling thoughts here once again

instead, i wait for the
midnight rantings...
can we pay the bills on time

i caught a glimpse the other day
after you told me the news
of our dear friend
when you couldn't sleep

so sad
the depths of you
people misjudge
people think they know
but the real you is the one who
curled up with me
there that night
and cried

just cried

you're so fragile
even though you would never
admit it
what's it to you?
who go