calliope they are so full of words but now they are empty 000413
calliope i go to the mountains
to be healed
they sew up the wounds that
the cement sidewalks and
plastic binders filled with blue and red lined paper have made
they let me walk in them
they let me
to them
they sing in their sweet tree songs of peace and
gently rocking me to sleep
in a black night
the city
could never have
Zoe when i think of the mountains i think of these incredibly huge rock formations that provide hope. they are so beautiful. they rise up so high that you can't even see over them. it looks like they touch heaven. 000717
mak my home away from home during the summer 031230
emmi they were visible in the early mornings and after the heavy rains, they loomed over in the distance and felt sheltering in a way...even though they were always there, even at night when the clouds hid them. 040529
epitome of incomprehensibility Local view:

Singular, Mt. Royal, the mountain Montreal was named for.

Plural, the Laurentians to the north of the city.

In a technical sense, these may all be hills. I've been lucky enough to see the Rocky Mountains close up in BC and the Alps from a distance, but a good bird's-eye-view, on a plane flying between Switzerland and Italy the only time I went to Europe.
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