TK Exaggerated masculinity AKA Jerks 020519
freakizh defense mecanism against any female commentary about homosexuality, sexual unsatisfaction, and laundry schedules.

may contain beer, killing, or a whole country's culture.
sc bullet. royal enfield.
i'll have a bike when im 16.
phil I don't think ignoring you is machismo, excactly. 031219
Piso Mojado the down side to being a female gringo in guatemala 031219
divine madness a psychological idea.. 040116
Piso Mojado a sexist reality 040130
unhinged i loved it at first. the stereotype that latins are more passionate was fun at first. then you started to fight with me about people i had sex with before we even knew each other. then we eventually had a fight about how often you expected me to shave my legs. that was the beginning of a swift end.

i hope you sleep every night next to a smooth legged woman
nr it always baffles me at how people can think any kind of control over someone else is acceptable. a friend was telling me her roommate (who i've met), who is normally very laid-back, doesn't like when other people swear. he told his girlfriend not to swear, and he tells my friend not to swear. and it's not like they swear often; just the occasional word. and apparently he doesn't really swear either. i think if something bothers you so much, you should just not surround yourself with people who do something that bothers you, rather than think you have a right to change their behaviour. 160110
what's it to you?
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