Ouroboros anyone who says different is selling something 070213
wittingstein that which cannot be spoken must be passed over in silence. 070213
pete and we're all alive so get over yourself and join the party 070213
pete [more a general comment than one directed at the two previous skites] 070213
sab and as you go through life your gunna get hurt, and your gunna hurt other people.

its a fact

but as you go through life, your going to get and give joy as well
and happiness
and fun

cause people are just human and they all make mistakes
and sometimes they get it right, too
empty life is pain
and i don't think i can take it anymore
pete life is pain
life is love
life is labour
life is work
life is action
life is living
life is lived
life is experience
life is relativity
life is individual
life is communal
life is beautiful
life is grim
life is depressing
life is joyous
life is disease
life is health
life is toil
life is ruin
life is decomposition
life is growth
life is success
life is construction
life is music
life is poetry
life is prose
life is scribbles
life is soft
life is cutting
life is torturous
life is healing
life is uplifting
life IS!
Ouroboros (the princess bride) 070214
Ouroboros life is messy 070217
nom life_is_paint 070218
pink paint pnk paint 070218
Lemon_Soda Yeah. 070218
stephshine breath 070218
. com ? 070218
wowie bowie ! sorrow, sorrow,

your out there playing your high class games of sorrow.

ohhhh ohh ohhh

can you play the sax?

bet you can !
oh yes you've got everything but cold fire.....

it can all but break your heart....

the prettiest thought.
its just though it might aswell be some day.
mickey mouse is there life on mars? 070218
misstree life is movement.
death is stillness.

how very many ways to slice a single apple.
a clever disguise LIFE IS PAIN, Princess...

Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something.
n o m m o n i actually just here to say this 120414
firecub3 laws of physics..! 120415
what's it to you?
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