calliope where are you, lestat?
i know you must exist
if for anything you must exist for little girls like me
who are snapped up and taken away by you
never to return the same again
i want to see you
you'd laugh
but i do
i want you to lead me to louis
Lycoris An angel, a dark angel with a devilish smile. Soft, pale and passionating.
With eyes, grey eyes of sin, no one can resist. Warm love in so cold arms.
He is a fever dream, a sweet nightmare that live in my inner desires.
So if you someday meet him, tell him that I am waiting, that I want him.
hhh Anne Rice is the shit 020109
unhinged my aunt named her cat lestat and he just looks weird. his neck is too fat; i've never seen a cat with a neck that was too fat 020109
~gez~ what a bomber. wish he gave me the choice he never had. i also reckon we should kill louis, he is a disgrace. well, was. he looks well hard in that black suit and them deep eyes 020825
Nightshade Lestat kicks ass
He is THE best vampire
of all time
witchesrequiem Hate to bust a bubble..........
but Lestat is Fiction.

Stan Rice wrote interveiw and helped Anne write the rest.

Now that he is dead she stoped writing about the vampires, Talamasca and The Mayfairs.
Now she wants to write about Jesus christ.

Go figure..that's what this city does to you.
what's it to you?
who go