~gez~ i am trying to think of something i can do that will be worthwhile

will help me sometimes, any time in the future. its quite hard, i suppose playing piano would be a good option, although i bruised my finger when it got trapped in the door and its painful to play. poor me
. first, step away from your computer 021212
Gk Random anonymous acts of kindness. 030815
nevermind i wander the mists
searching on my own
looking for someone
to love on my own
this life it's not easy
but God is with me
so there's a place you can go
a God that you can know
come to him
He loves you
God put me here
God hears me
I will stand in the holy place
i will stand till there is no trace
of my sin and my shame
i will stand and wait forever
to worship you
worship you
oldephebe the ineffable name of God//derivative of a divine angelic proto-speak rendered into the linguistic apparatus of mortals..giving form and structure to his faith. Eloahim, El Shaddai..I AM
the Creator that exists outside the parameters..or what we experience as linear progression of Time..points plotted along a clestial plane and axis

keep breathing something that would be worthwhile... talk to little children and dont just talk to them like any other adult would... talk to them like you are really interested... because you will find many wondrous things in a child's mind 041130
what's it to you?
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