blown cherry just let me be what I am for fucks sake! 020306
g h o s t "i don't wanna be the bad guy"

Arwyn no shit... I'm always the first one blamed in my family 020307

Just fuck off the lot of you!
I haven't got anything left to give to anyone else,
I haven't got enough for me anymore.
who do you think? yep. it's always a one way thing isn't it? Me, me me. 020512
unhinged i know i didn't do anything wrong
i was just following the ageless advice of
if you don't have anything nice to say
don't say anything at all
but i knew you were going to think
it was something else
more vindictive
more mean
more egotistical and elitist
maybe i was being a bad friend for leaving you to deal with him on your own
maybe i was a bad friend for not calling
but you had made it perfectly clear to me
that no matter what i said or did
you were going to do what you wanted to
so why bother with wasted_breath ?
i don't understand what you wanted out of me
but i couldn't sit there and watch my friend ruin her life
i had to walk away because i didn't want to hurt you
i had to walk away for my own sanity
that doesn't make me the bad guy
i have always maintained
that sometimes
the biggest part of loving someone
is knowing when to walk away
but no matter what i do to prove to you
that i care about you, love you
you will always think that everything i do
is manipulative and self-serving in the end
the part of me that just wants to give up grows stronger everyday
what's it to you?
who go