jennifer I want to be happy for you
I am happy for you
I'd like to meet him
I bought the dress
white, like it's supposed to be
made the arangements
is he as tall as you
as funny and sweet and kind
you say more
I told all my family
they were so happy
I was so happy
I'm happy for you
glad you found someone who
won't weigh you down
who won't burden you
I still have the ring
it's on a chain in my
jewelry box
I can't bear to wear it anymore
will you tell him hello for me
and that I still want to meet him
he sounds so precious
I lived for you
two years, maybe more
all my thoughts are
coming to me at one time
all these voices telling me
what to do
what not to do
I'm going to have a party soon
it was going to be the reception
I love you
I want him to come
it'll be very nice
very tasteful
I won't cry

I'm happy for you
I really am
tell him to call me
we'll get together
we'll chat

It will be really fun
I'm glad
farmfish believe in spooks. i do i do i do. 011220
ClairE I wonder
if I'll find someone brave enough to say it
and if it's going to end up meaning what it was supposed to
and if it even will at the moment he says it.
Or when I say it, even.
white_wave the answer i would give if asked "will_you?" 040310
ikonaj i will write you a letter.
(because you asked)
and wonder how many others did so too, like this, or radically different and so beautiful.
or not.
i couldn't expend too much effort.
on you.

In_Bloom I did
I will again someday
I'm not afraid
what's it to you?
who go