fyn gula Where is this going?
where will i be?

please come in and take this away from me.

replace it with sincerity
light me up with liberty
let the freedom of love consume me.

hush now
don't you cry
your book is being read even when you try to cover your ears.
some parts are not lovely, but you wil find the reason way before you die.

shh shhhh shhhhhhh
enjoy the silence, for what is heard is hidden music where souls can dance,
where the spirit kisses the heart
on both cheeks.
farmfish listen. 011118
rip dont just listen, listen and react for the better for the worse 011118
girl_jane breeze against my cheek-paralyzing my mouth 020223
silent storm Because I never know what to say after you speak such things to me. 020224
~gez~ hush now baby. its all over. rest your head against my chest. and here we will stand. until better again you feel 021007
rabbit rivers sent from washington in brown paper.
no one could speak when she opened it.

it took her breath away.
somniac quiet quiet

i'm tired of the dramas now
the silence is infections

angry people, let me be
no more raised voices
no more dark places

quiet now
no more angst
no more spiraling thoughts

say nothing
what's it to you?
who go