andie written 2-12-01

looking back
paging through old journals
of my yesterdays
in love
dying for his touch
-whoever the "he" of the moment was
and ultimatly losing it
over and over
and over AGAIN
each time at a higher level
the feelings more intense
the last HE drawing out more of me
than EVER
will i reach this height with any other
i've never gone to this depth before
been lifted so high
then dropped so very hard and low
i assume time will tell
what silly cliche' to live by
still i doubt i'll ever overcome HIM
this last HE
at some point we all have to break away
even if the minutes of pain out number
the hours of passion
and lovemaking and laughter
still i wonder how many more He's
i will write about in my life
wonder if i have enough paper

copyright 2001
ladybird there's a few too many he's in my life but then again i don't think i want either of them really

oh dear

could someone else tell them that?
what's it to you?
who go