me? my seed is sprouting.
in kindergarten watching the little bean in the little bag, wrapped in a moist paper towelette, spring green leaves at top and little white roots at bottom, then slowly try to grow towards the light in the suffocating plastic baggie. watching as a white mold encompasses first the brown bean shell then work its way across the rest of the bean, watch the tiny green leaves whither and turn brown.
troy how depressing :(
[Why the hell didn't WE plant any of those sprouted seeds, anyway?
We were just kids; -but the teachers should've had better follow-through on that.
It would've made a far better lesson to take that experiment to it's logical conclusion and let them grow.
Although; -maybe they were trying to teach us a different, and much harsher lesson about life...].
amy focusing your mind long and hard, sometimes what you stare at stays fixed. it seems the same to you, but you keep thinking about it. eventually you don't even have to focus. you think about it in the shower, when you sleep, when you walk, all the time. it seeps into your subconscious, where your mind gets a sense of its essence. then when your subconscious pervades the integration gears in your conscious, you'll say that 'something just dawned on me.' 000202
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