ally roe its nothing but a copy of a photo. No statement. 001204
misstree a family photo,
mouths crooked to show teeth
in an approximation
of "having a good time"
in front of some roadside attraction
that you spent a whole five minutes
being bored at.

Glory Box Is how I feel most days. You laugh like you mean it, and you read you "I hate me" poetry, but you sit there numb, just waiting until you have permission to leave. Your life moves from class to class, room to room, you leave when the bell tolls, you run when they tell you, and you smile when you're supposed to. Everything has the dull shine of plastic, and your feet don't even touch the ground anymore. 001205
Machiavelli70 Dead 040308
raevyn it's silence. pure and simple. the type that can drive you crazy because it's so deafening. the kind that can make you angry because no one's got nothing to say. and you glare into space because you know you don't have anything either. but then again, it's numbing. you can't feel a thing. you're a blank slate, a clear plate, clean palette. it hits so hard, you wish you could scream. but you can't. because there's nothing to scream about. you wish you could tell someone, but like everyone else who ever didn't feel it, you've got nothing to say. 050308
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