donaldson Come, passage and passenger;
come, you destination, you guide.

The union of bodies, however lasting and exciting,
pales against your skin, against
the reflection of Mecca. The sweetest union
is communion; the greatest ship is worship.
That is what you are for me.

Hosanna! Alleluia! Praise!

That I can kneel at you, altar, and anoint
myself of you is the ultimate expression of hope.

The golden city welcomes,
travels to me, and someday will supplant
the tired fever with lush and glorious compromise.
A shy and lovely pilgrim,
the golden city is reverent --
patient and demanding both.
When city meets city, all reunions are communions.

Come, passage and passenger;
come, you destination and guide.

Hosanna! Alleluia! Praise!

The train (where so many devotions
begin and always lead to the final destination
of you), the train draws me under itself
and passes bodily through you, with your fine hair
and mercurial eyes and best kept secrets.

The doors work independent of each other;
the tracks diverge and converge and seldom
run parallel. The conductor is wooden
and unsmiling, yet also friendly. Serious and giving.

The train moves fast like wishing and slow
like waiting, and yet will stop completely,
so that pilgrim and passenger alike may
congregate in the reflection of Mecca.
The silent question asks, always, 'Will you
be my celebration and community?'

Come, destination and guide.
unhinged "she only wants me when she's drunk
and even then
it's not that much
(something something something i don't remember the words because lenny doesn't annunciate)
she only wants me when she's high..."

ellie me. and a great name to be, judging by the pretty things on this page. 030508
endless desire its my nickname.
for ellyn obviously.
elly, ellie, ell, etc.
thats good stuff.
ive always liked elly or ell best
what's it to you?
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