nevermind we found an old man hiding in a hole
lets catch him an give him a name.
shave his beard off so that he bears some resemblance; say hes the one, the only, the same.
well talk about it in big screen voices
lets put it here, on the front page.
well say that the era of the Dictator is over
but that much that was to be done remains.
lets chop small fry to sharpen knives for the sharks
lets flog the dog to scare the beast
we can change history, if you like
turn black into white
day into night
if thats what it takes.

... and you wonder why you find it hard to believe anything at all these days.
maybe we're so afraid of being told what we knew as fact yesterday is now, in fact, fiction...
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mt penis potato! 031215
sweetheart of the song tra bong Pretty much all have to some kind of weird facial hair.

Combine this with either (a) the belief that 64,000 pairs of shoes just isn't enough - and/or (b) waking in the middle of the night with the desire to kill and rape babies...

Well, maybe you shouldn't run for political office.
Glory Box truth be told, i've always found castro kind of attractive. 040104
safety pin bird " how many liberators really wanna be dictators

(where do you draw the line?)"
u24 The benevolent despot, who sees himself as the shepherd of the people, still demands from others the submissivemness of sheep.
-Eric Hoffer

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