cresentwhench We've been dying ever since we were born.
What is life but a collection of forgotten thoughts that leave us when we die.
Why are we even here? Is it to screw up the world so that nothing else can inhabit this place besides cockroaches after we all become extinct?
We are not alone.
The proof of extra-terrestrial exsistance is our own exsistance.
How else did "life" come to this planet?
Extra-terrestrials found this planet, and started life, and have been studying us ever since. Making sure we didn't stray too far from what they had/have planned. And when we did, either a plague, war or mass extinction ensued to make it more controlled. Controlling life is their best feat.
Everytime the experiment went astray, they would just start over, with a new set of circumstances and rules. Take that into account.
spaced out cresentwhench .....Or maybe I'm all alone here..... 021112
crimson Sometimes I think bringing someone into this world is handing them a death sentence. Other times I wonder what better a reason to have them than with hopes of switching this shit around. I want to do something big worth doing even if I am going to just die. Because, frankly, what better motivation is there to do things now than the fact that we're around for so short a time?
As for the alien theory... perhaps you are onto something. I am not sure.
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Shakespeare Life is a tale told by an idiot
Full of sound and fury
Signifying nothing.
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