Spikey cosmic, what is this
cosmic, sounds good
. : * p s y b o r g * : . One of my favorite words. It's in my eBay name and one of my email addresses, except there it's spelled kozmik so everything starts with the same letter. 011026
nah....! wow. 011127
whoknows first thing that comes to mind is "kamakaze"

but i dont know how to spell it. im sure i got it wrong.
ClairE whiz zoom blam

shooting stars
are messy
and hard to clean up after

they are sticky and then

Mom doesn't like that.
ClairE =(whoknows + ClairE)accordingtonah....! 011128
nah....! yup! 011128
Glory Box baby you are sooo!

i feel you across the country and you and i click where i can't even hear it anymore.

high hopes to keep you around for a while.
Death of a Rose cosmic....hmmmm.....

twinkle, twinkle bright red moon
blather me with your silver spoon
running round this cosmic dream
forever dizzy, ask for cream

taking far too long to reach around
jumping wildly, give me sound
typing cobwebs to scatter here
come to starman, come to fear

favorite rhyme, to be unspent
did i say just what i meant?
lets end this now, finale
in the end there is only me
Lemon_Soda Bigger than I'm willing to contemplate. 031013
*tinkerbell* Star of, your a texin mexican because your in the U S of A. and not dirty ass mexico. America come first in my book. Welcome to the states. did you family swim here? or get here in mattresses? 040217
what's it to you?
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