Shar sometimes a waste of my time, but often times it's naptime. or crossword puzzle time.

i'd like to think that it's optional to go, but really, i should go to class. even though i'm not wasting tuition dollars because it's not my money.

i wonder, would i be doing something productive if i didn't go?

Answer: probably not
Barrett Some have more than others.
Take that as you will.
seismic man we can't even think of a word that rhymes 010801
effectively_hushed she's nothing but a classy whore 020314
joda Well, it's not begging to come over to my place, if you're looking for a defenition of class... 030426
trai ification begs to differ 040229
stork daddy sam was sitting with his parents in a semi-nice restaurant. across the way from them sat a nicely dressed man and his hillbily mother. she constantly had a tough and distrusting look on her face, like she was always pretending to think, or was letting everyone know that her defenses weren't down. sam looked at her and knew he could be her easily. what he wondered was if you could pretend up, if he could really be those self assured assholes his dad worked with all day, walking around and talking into cellphones as if the juicy word of god was leaving their lips, as if light wasn't fast enough to carry their important information. 040504
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