the spork we just get by
however we can
we've all gotta duck
when the shit hits the fan
group sex star of the early 80s IIIII-IIIIII

wanna destroy you
ferret somewhat unkosher (is that how you spell it? probably not, oh well) but alas, it is one of the great american past times.... oh how i wish i was 75 again... 030913
IKC 56-80 Coup D'Etat
(Repo_Man Version, 1983)

Coup D'Etat, Coup D'Etat
Coup D'Etat
Coup D'Etat
Coup D'Etat

The government
can't stop a throng
Struck strong,
Let us through.
Old run out.
New comes in.

Coup D'Etat
Give me a bomb...
A Molotov.

It's a
Coup D'Etat!

Generalissimo gives the Law.
Step outta line,
Next neck on the block.
Armys marching through the streets.
Dressed Real Sharp
Dressed Real Neat.

Coup D'Etat

A Push from the left
And a shout from the right.
All come out,
Let's do it tonight.

Take the President
and His wife,
Deliver the ransom
Or we take their lives.

Trash their embassy...
They are our enemies!!!

The president
just smokes cigars,
Anyone he does not like,
He shoots
or puts behind bars.

Coup D'Etat!
Coup D'Etat!
Coup D'Etat!
Coup D'Etat!

Kill 'em all...
crimson the not-so-shocking Circle Jerks make me smile. Make me think of bad sound quality and driving home late at night, mellow teenaged politicians.
Oh my. I knew a boy who loved Circle Jerks. When I told him what their name meant and he stared at me, furrowed brow, scrunched nose, open, surprised mouth for a few minutes. I couldn't stop laughing.
me i have to admit, i'm surprised at how many posts are under the word circle jerk...i thought there would be maybe one... 050426
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