humanity he'll leave Jane alone.. 021118
eddie very funny
but does jane really want me to leave her alone?
eddie monster i don't think so
i have more personality
than anyone who writes on
excluding jane of course
eddie shall i talk to myself
i would like this page to be filled with funny ass ranting of the sickest, foulest kind.

so go ahead, shoot
jane what are you doing?
and why do you feel the need to do so?
eddie monster i was going to play my ex-girlfriends guitar
becouse time is running out
and someone will appreciate what i have to say
then i noticed you stopped by
so thanks for not letting this page get totally filled by my own nonsense
i get the vibe nobody wants to talk to me sometimes and i wonder why i'm so hard to understand or get along with

next question
Margaux Why do you think that is...that you're so hard to talk with? Why do people become frustrated by what you have to say 021120
eddie monster good question.
too i was never a good problem solver, go figure.
people are affraid of confrontation as they smoke their cigarettes and live threw this pampered society we live in. they think all the big flashing alarms and screaming sirens secure the evil depths of a youth gone wild. but when they hear what i have to say, and see the feelings and thoughts that resonate threw my eyes. because something in my eyes.
eddie monstet i'm here.
what's it to you?
who go