silentbob is it beautiful in algona today like it is in cedarrapids? 020328
Arwyn probably not! 020328
girl_jane On the 28th-it was nice...but a bit lonely... 020330
Casey oh sigh, this place is ok, but being here for 17 years can drive you out of your mind. I'll be gald to get a break. 020331
silentbob a good place to grow up and get away from. 020331
girl_jane I am away-all the way in Fenton-it's no better. 020331
silentbob two weeks away
i'll be moved back and hanging out with the people that know me best

my town
my street
give me piece of mind ya can't be beat
Arwyn prolly moving there this summer... an adventure to be had... as long as I don't go crazy... 020503
Casey Aimee , you'll have a GREAT time here. You'll have Logan and Bobby, and me, if you want to hang out with me. Anyway, it will be great times. If you want we can take road trips to a magical land up north. We call it "Burt." 020503
Arwyn I've been stuck here since August 1st... god get me out of here and back to des moines.... I mean, I love dick and linda dearly, but I miss my logan more... it would be so much more fun if bobby were home this summer.... 030813
Colonel Sanders Hangin out,
down the street,
the same ol' thing
we did last week.
Nada thing to doooooo
but talk to you!
We're all alright
We're all alright
I was born here
moved to Emmetsburg for awhile
off and on i will come back to see
how slow the progress is coming on east State Street. I will come back to see Frasier, Juicy J (JJ),Chris and Stasha, Erp, Chadlee, Enos and Britney
silentbob Who are you? What is your name? 040914
what's it to you?
who go