Thyartshallshant 13 spaces 010120
twiggie *sigh* 010120
Sintina 13 spaces makes a line.

13 places makes a rhyme.

I don't think the lines in blather get enough credit. I mean, every single word (almost) on every single page has a line underneath it!!!

Let's here it for the lines!!!!
G_wiz13 my screen name has a line in it. go lines!!!!! 010202
. eye 010411
the_engineer spaces to be filled with what?

shall they remain empty?

is 13 really as unlucky as it seems?
littel_elf I regard 13 as lucky.

Black cats? some cats are unfriendly, some just plain mean, but I doubt their coloration has anything to do with it... and I doubt it has anything to do with luck... or lack thereof.

ladder? now that one's probably just a safety tip. I mean, if someone's up on the ladder they might drop something or the ladder might fall... so I can see how that one probably came to be unlucky... or at least thought of as unlucky. Who wants to die from a dropped hammer? spattered brains... all easily prevented.

where was i? Oh, lines. Yeah, lines are important. they fulfill a very important role. We couldn't do this without you! Keep up the good work, Lines!
ferret lines make the world so much better, screams undying but never written, lines line the page of life. if there were no lines then my writing would go all over the place... it's bad enough as it is. lets hear it for lines ___-________--- some curvy lines too ()(0())(())(()()0())())() 030202
gfhsfdhfs@sdfg.dsfgsdf Lets hear it for the 0o0 o0o 'ssss

the 0o0 & 0o0 's kick ass
Frank this has got to be the stupidest one yet 041013
. . 101020
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