silentbob i was in st. paul and Egan minnesota on 001216. nowhere near a computer
the virginity blathe says that i blathed soemthing under it that day. my name was capitalized differently. what the fuck is going on? who did that. i am quite disturbed.
Glory Box is with all these letters sneaking up on me, behind me, surrounding me, setting traps and tripping me up? The air buzzes with words and sounds. Vowels, consonants, you fucking name it. I mean, please. If you're gonna show up, at least give me a day's notice to tidy up. Clutter frightens them off. 001217
mmm is goin on. things can't get better if u don't talk to me 010428
no reason i like when people drop the "what".

"the fuck?"
"what fuck?"
"you know. THE fuck."
"oh, that fuck."
"yeah. the fuck?"
just 1012005 49 minutes ago: EU without Turkey 'will be
a Christian club'
? ? 051002
mr song what the fuck is up with kari_finn? 070619
remember? "where's the fuck-...?"
"where'd you last see it?"
"at john's place"
no reason why
must men with girlfriends constantly hit on me
i do not get it
unhinged just pass it all off on someone else 120923
Lost...again My only thought as i look at back at what my life has become. Too bad a meteorite cant extinguish my miserable existence. 160518
unhinged dating is a waste of time
i am not a commodity
heartfeltsuperego I don't think men think that love is what women think it is. Fuck this. Waste of my time. I may become asexual. 160522
unhinged tesla is bringing eastern european h1-b (sic) visa workers to this country to pay them $5/hr. corporate greed is so disgusting i feel like i shouldnt even be surprised by it anymore

tesla, fighting climate change and the middle class all in one car
what's it to you?
who go