knot meat inside a wooden horse
inside city walls
the way a cell
both is skin
and a magnification
of skin -
lies the heart of men.
the city is always impressed by
the horse -
it's a better gift to the gods
than some shops
some births,
even hector and achilles
brilliant performance
of a stale scene.
because the horse -
we aspire to it -
our laws are not as binding
we can leave them -
the best we can do of course
is a wooden approximation.
because, no moment is ever
as impressive as that still night
when the horse sits
quiet in troy.
they had to know
it could mean their destruction
but it was invited.
why burn troy?
you'll just rebuild it later.
nagasaaki, we entered
as an atom
surrounded by the silence
of triggers and steel.
and it could not be reversed
or refused
because the sky
is where the gifts of the gods
enter from.
we are in the guise of the horse or the atom -
but always just an approximation -
never escaping
a city burns.
but it is rebuilt.
until someone carries
the guise of the impossible
until we hide the heart of men
in its own tomb,
thinking we wield
it when,
it wields us,
we will see finally
how far we are short
of the horse, the atom,
and then finally,
troy will be razed.
achilles, hector -
they will have actually
have accomplished something.
beyond a wound.
stork daddy i mean the horse thing is ridiculous, everyone knows it is. but we always want to believe 040519
pete that movie... they really went to town with there artistic liscence.. about 15 of us hums kids went to it, and we were laughing as certain events took huge swipes away from the epics and other legends 040519
minnesota_chris hums kids? Do you like to hum?

Or did you eat a lot of hummus?
pete we're in the college of the humanities getting our b. hums :) 040519
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