Pope John Paul the Gollum are too damn long! 010731
god smoke dope!


still too long?
god by the way,
did you stop up the shitter?
kx21 The Science of Blather...

It's Q_As about Everything, Life, Virgibity, Love, String, Religion, Theology, U_Whole, etc., in particular MAN_Talk & Woman_nag...

Its Art of Science:-

* Give profound Anwer(s) if you think you are Smart...

* Ask silly Question(s) if you feel you are Stupid...

* Post meaningless Q_As if you in at the state of Supreme_Enlightenment, i.e. Ignorance.

Given that
Shit is the mother ( seed ) of Star...

What's your Good_point(s) / suggestion(s) / Advice for our dear blatherers?

Shit more?

Copyright 2001.
kx21 Bullshit more? 010801
god that's it! 010802
unhinged make me sick

i'm with sheryl on this one

i sat in dennys the other day personally admonishing all the bible study whores in milwaukee because i'm not christian and my mother got offended when i said that. ah well.
Weed Eater It takes a lot of courage to believe in something that you can not see.

Faith is not for everyone.

It takes a lot of understanding to percieve a mystery.

The unknown will cause uneasyness.

It takes a lot of strength to demonstrate such ignorance.

I find myself blissfully weak.
robyn "god" hitchcock i believe in surgery, that's a fact.
i believe in makin' it easy.
mr.bunnyrabbit I swallowed a hammer once.
it made me feel theological.
Dafremen I had a trailer hicth mounted to my coccyx. 010803
god w/ tear of joy in eye we must have the greatest philosophers and theologians on the face of my green earth, here at blather. 010803
bijou i still have to clean my room. 011025
what's it to you?
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