miniver The structure of linguistics is just a continuation of the same proposed argument, though. Right. Yes. I'm not arguing that we SHOULD BE more structured in our thinking -- I'm arguing that we ALREADY ARE.

Even in our most seemingly spur-of-the-moment, wildly creative, spontaneously combustive thoughts. And even in our most stupid, unthought-out thoughts.

That's what I'm arguing. I'm not quite sure why or with whom/what I am arguing, but I do appear to be arguing...
splinken keep going, keep going! 000830
miniver Ad infinitum!
Ad nauseum, even!
Whichever comes first.

And, of course, I will interpret lack of opposition as official acknowledgement of my Absolute and Most Indubitable Correctness.
sam what?

i need it why? because without it we're scratching our nails helplessly on the floor.

i need anything to give my life meaning? really does it matter no.
we used to walk together, for no reason, maybe, in the sun and always watching the cracks in the pavement (i used to wish my mother broken, she said to me)
i wonder if that could have been the same sun?
but structure: it's an illusion, it's just that...we all pretend it's real enough, so it looks real.
looks real fucked-up.
distorted tendencies It takes years to have structure in anything, seconds to tear it down. 010919
oldephebe from the days of yore..
well ok not yore but at least recent blather history...i recall posting to a page similar to this several weeks back-i guess we're all making the same arguments over and over again
n/t n/t 040121
xyz it changes too much to ever be broken. 040122
hsgatincamail design 040701
three words structure soul_to_keep heaviness 050222
what's it to you?
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