bijou mmm. cupcake. 031110
Whitechocolatewalrus Sprinkles in frosting, sprinkles on cupcakes, sprinkles on cookies, sprinkes in ice cream. Srinkles of rain, sprinkles of cheese, sprinkles of time. Sprinkle on me and sprinkle on you. Sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle till sprinkles are more sprinkley than sprinkle can be. 031110
pipedream rainbow coloured. on blueberry pop-tarts. mmmmmm. 031110
SleepieCloud I wish you'd be the sprinkles on the cupcake that is my life... 080705
fix it's time that 'sleepie cloud' had a little fun, don't you think? It's not bad to get carried away by material objects if they are there to be shared and enjoyed. They only start to become dangerous when people want to possess them; sharing things and enjoying together is vital to self development. The problem is if everyone wants to possess, value and consume at a price, it is very difficult for anyone to enjoy it, simply because the cage door is not open. To feel what ecstasy is you have to take a pill most likely with rat poison in it, cos Moss, nothin's free in this world not even clean H2O. 080706
p2 rainbow sprinkles on my ice cream
happiness in candy form
the bright, exciting colors
playfully complimenting each other
delighting my eyes
as well as my mouth
as i bite into the sugary goodness
and slowly but surely
the chalky excitement fades away
and i look around to find
no more sprinkles
just a sea of vanilla
the plain vanilla
with a speck or two
of vanilla bean
just enough to wake me up
to keep me aware
to remind me
to taunt me
to mock me
and i think to myself
"remember back when i had sprinkles?
good times."
another vanilla bean speck
what's it to you?
who go