guitar_freak indescribable.
One of the only times when I feel at ease. I can be myself. I can relax and just stop concentrating on life.
camille Skateboarding takes a lot of skill and energy. A few bruises too, but that's life. Seems relaxing to the people watching too. I enjoy watching people who enjoy themselves. I find skateboarding fascinating. However have never tried the sport. I've enjoyed repelling off cliffs. 001111
guitar_freak I LOVE repelling. I can't climb worth crap, but I love to go down suspended from a rope!!! 001111
pokey skateboarding is my thing people sterotype skateboarding as people who wear to big of clothes and only do it to be cool. NO thoughts are just the posers
that skate to be with the in crew.I skate because when I am out skateboarding everthing else just goes away.You sould realy try it some time!!
nemo i love skaters... they're all just so sexy 010721
Effingham Fish The most fun you can ever have breaking something internal. 020218
sim So sweet and small, got in so much trouble; poor, misunderstood Duck.

Gadj, who tagged up half the damned city (I can hear him now, "Whaddya mean 'half?'") and noshed on a burrito and Sapporo.

Skaters, so dang adorable, those hapless thrill autobots who fear no evil and live for mischief. They love when I comb their hair and buy them highly-caffeinated sodas, I love when they write my name on their deck, indelibly, with Sharpie.
jome is a source 030412
Arwyn I thought you were
so. cool.
flipping that board over
and over.

hot summer days
cicadas screeching
as you rolled in circles
on the driveway

I tried it once
and fell on my ass
you were always cooler
than me.
what's it to you?
who go