kill rhythm they are so awesome. they come from a pretty crappy town. but they played tonight at the nyabinghi and it was so great. i hear they have had better shows, but this was the best one that I have seen. and the guitarist/bassist who wears all black is my favorite person ever. :) 020407
unhinged uuuuhhhh

i didn't go because i went to dinner with my bach_goddess and promptly fell asleep. i couldn't bring any girls to grind on with me so jon probably didn't want me there anyways.
kill rhythm well, you missed out. it was a fun time. 020410
kill rhythm they play sunday at the nyabinghi at like 6 or 7 020430
Daria Kinda a funny idea

Welcome to Savage pastry
would you like to try our
Spirulina Oat-bran scone?!
kill rhythm tomorrow is the big day... 020504
Ezra jumbled notes
that only sometimes make sense
the roar and smiling yawp of a
pained man
when the lineup cries out
abuse not needed
think for yourself
when the lineup dies out
ask yourself
does it really matter?
and when she comes
she comes alone
and writes in a backwards corner
her downturned smile
is anything
but beautiful
could anyone else meet the quota?
unhinged sadly enough, as much as they were all assholes except pj, i sometimes get some of their catchier songs stuck in my head which coincidentally are always ones that lenny wrote. yes, of course i get molly stuck in my head. i wrote the fucking words for it. i already know you think i'm self_centered and creepy. thanks. 030603
tonya grrr, roar! ... icing. 030604
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