Q Achieving economic justice through direct transer of wealth is a good thing to do. I prefer a slightly gradual approach: the robin hood system of credit. Let the poor (people and countries) borrow tons of money from the filthy rich, mostly through banks, and then by law forgive the loans for those who cannot repay them. 000210
birdmad and the fact of his inclusion ruined the last two batman movies for me. 000509
Ruby A robin's breast is red because her heart is pouring through her chest and to her throat. She opens her eyes to a cold, sharp dawn and the new green of day; it makes her ache to see it. 001206
hello any one their.... the robin is A Boy

o boyo don't you know,

Robins have red chests because men or boys that matter are much more emotional than women or girls.

c the system got it round the wrong way, it was a huge cover up, to tell a lie. flip it round the other way and you will findthe truth.

most men have a huge ego because they are over emotional about everything especially football and finding the right tale feathers.
unhinged i NEED to talk to you about housing for next year. those damn applications are due tomorrow. where are you? =( 010418
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