emma makes the world go round.

I'm the first to say this too?
thenestor It's merely a grain of sand in the oyster of the web... but look what it's become... it makes blather blathe. 981204
emma i just wrote my first scalar today. whee! 981204
emma the hugely gratifying part, though, is when you get your stupid little script up and running on the Internet and it's like WHEE!

dallas Perl is why I like computers still.
It's magic and fun all rolled into one.
It's better than the highest roller coaster and the steamiest shower.
Tank i think i have finally figured this shit out... thank fuck... i was about to go insane... 001112

i hate this shit... how can it just stop working..?

fucking bizollixs.
nanny a mis-spelled word. 010910
natural_satellite_of_love isn't she dr forrester's mom 030325
u24 I really don't see the appeal of PERL; it's -so- complicated! 040101
mockingbird i actually found it really easy to learn - that's the only reason i got into it
cause i'm just that lazy

it's just that it's really, really easy to write illegible perl code, methinx

i think people fall in love with it because it's idiosyncratic and sometimes non-obvious
and the CPAN

likes perl
olileauk is a magical language. Yes indeed. I haven't ever used it, but I hear good things. 051218
what's it to you?
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